Nice npm packages for web devs

Here’s a short list of 7 npm packages for web developers, to accelerate your next projects:

  • Async - a utility module with functions to work with asynchronous JavaScript. It was originally designed for use with Node.js, but it can also be used directly in the browser
  • Chalk - a library that provides styling to content in your terminal
  • Commander - a lightweight solution for creating Node.js command-line interfaces easily
  • Dotenv - makes it easy to use environment variables by separating the configurations from the code
  • Lodash - makes JavaScript easier by taking the hassle out of working with arrays, numbers, objects, strings, and more
  • Moment - a JavaScript library that helps to easily parse, validate, manipulate, and format dates
  • Nodemailer - a module for Node.js to allow secure email sending

Are there other npm packages that you use and love? Share them with us! :point_down: