Best practices and style guides for different languages

I’ve gathered some of the sources where you can check best practices and style guides for different languages. Feel free to add more useful sources, articles or videos to this thread.

  1. [HTML] HTML best practices
  2. [HTML/CSS] Google HTML/CSS Style Guide
  3. [CSS/Sass] Airbnb CSS / Sass Styleguide
  4. [JavaScript] W3C JavaScript best practices
  5. [JavaScript] Google JavaScript Style Guide
  6. [JavaScript] Airbnb JavaScript Style Guide
  7. [JavaSCript] MDN JavaScript guidelines
  8. [Python] PEP 8 – Style Guide for Python Code
  9. [PHP] PHP The Right Way
  10. [Java] Google Java Style Guide
  11. [Java] Java Code Conventions - Oracle
  12. [C] cs50 Style Guide for C
  13. [C++] Google C++ Style Guide

Thank you for sharting this @StasKlymenko, very useful information to have here, a library of best practices for these languages that people can access! :muscle:

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