10 libraries for JavaScript developers

After sharing a list of 10 libraries for Python developers, it’s now the JavaScript turn! So here’s a short list of 10 libraries that every JavaScript developer should know. They’re all great libraries that can give a rich web experience to your users.

  • Anime.js – An animation library with a simple but powerful API. It works with CSS properties, SVG, DOM attributes, and JavaScript objects.

  • Bideo.js – It helps you easily add fullscreen background videos that look good on any size screen.

  • Chart.js – It helps you to create graphs and charts of any type.

  • Choreographer.js – It helps you take care of complex CSS animations. These animations can be triggered by scrolling or mouse movement.

  • Cleave.js – It helps your format user input when they are typing. Examples of usage include credit card number formatting, phone number, date, and many others (including custom options, of course!).

  • Create.js – It’s a suite of modular libraries and tools that work together or independently to enable rich interactive content on open web technologies via HTML5.

  • Granim.js – It helps you create fluid and interactive gradient animations.

  • Glimmer.js – It helps with user interface components and DOM rendering.

  • Slick.js – It helps you take full advantage of the carousel effect.

  • Voca.js – It offers useful functions to make string manipulations comfortable.

Are there other libraries for JavaScript that you use and love? Share them with us! :point_down: