Useful Chrome extensions for web devs

Here’s a short list of 6 useful Google Chrome extensions that every web developer should know.

  • CSSViewer – It’s a simple CSS property viewer for the element you want to inspect on the current page.

  • JSON Viewer – It allows you to open a JSON file in the browser with parsing and syntax highlighting. Arrays and objects are shown collapsed, and you can expand them.

  • Usersnap – It lets you capture your screen, collect user feedback, and track bug reports on any website, prototype, or application.

  • Wappalyzer – It shows you what a website is built with: CMS, frameworks, eCommerce platforms, JavaScript libraries, and much more.

  • Web Developer – It adds a toolbar button with different web tools. It allows you to do more than the standard Chrome Inspector you might be familiar with.

  • Window Resizer – It lets you resize your browser window to emulate various screen resolutions so that you can test different layouts on different browser resolutions.

Are there other extensions that you use and love? Share them with us! :point_down: