Invoice history

Where in the product does one find prior invoices (or even the current one)?
Also, what category should this post have been in?
Also also… is there a way to contact the company regarding questions like this?

Hey @ztschafer, welcome to the Codacy community!

Invoices are automatically sent to your account’s billing email and can’t be found in the Codacy app. If you need any specific invoice, you can email or contact Support through the in-app chat.

To answer your other question, we don’t have a category for product or billing questions. It’s best to contact our teams above directly.

Feel free to use other categories like Code Quality and Code City to find tips from the community and share insights/questions about code reviews, how you are using Codacy, how you code, etc. We also run monthly talks and webinars, find out all about them in the Events category.