Accessing the website as a logged in user

Hey guys! One thing I’ve noticed is: when you are logged in Codacy and you try to go Codacy website, for example, to check to price (because the manager asks about costs) and etc, we are automatically redirected to the app. Is there a way, apart from logging out we can access the website/landing page?

Not even sure if it’s a feedback or more about help & support lol.

Hello @lapa182,

Yes, the URL automatically redirects to the Codacy app if you’re logged in, which typically saves a bit of time when you want to access your dashboards and repositories, but can make it tricky to access the Codacy landing page.

To work around this, what I usually do is open an “incognito” browser window.

But this is good feedback that we can use at some point to consider changing the redirect currently in place. :+1:

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Hi @lapa182 :slight_smile: thank you for the feedback. As @paulo.ribeiro mentioned is something that we can review if we keep receiving this type of input.
Another thing that you can do to access pages directly, for example, the pricing page like you mentioned, you can add /pricing and it will not redirect, and it goes directly to the pricing page. Other than that, for now, it’s like Paulo said, either using an incognito window or another browser that’s not logged in. I hope this helps, thanks again!

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