February's Product Update: 1-Click Autofixes for GitHub, New People Experience and more πŸš€

Welcome to our monthly product update! We’ve been working hard over the past month and have lots of exciting updates for you. :raised_hands:

We want to share new features and product updates, interesting reads, and the first monthly Codacy Community MVPs! Plus, you can check the features and updates that are in progress and the ones planned, as well as vote on the most important ones for you!

Check our blog post and monthly newsletter with the news here: https://blog.codacy.com/product-update-february-2021/

Thank you for being on this journey with us. We have some exciting updates already lined up for the month of March – Stay tuned! :blush:

Hi, the URL in your post seems broken, could you replace https://blog.codacy.com/february-product-update21/ with https://blog.codacy.com/product-update-february-2021/?


Thank you for the heads up @KengoTODA, it’s now fixed. :+1: