Codacy CLI docker configuration

Hello, i am trying to run the codacy cli for a local scanning and trying to get back the report from the analysis. The command that i am running is: docker run --rm ^
–env CODACY_CODE=“/c/Users/Thanos/IdeaProjects/DVDApi” ^
–volume /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock ^
–volume /c/Users/Thanos/IdeaProjects/DVDApi/target/classes:/code ^
–volume /tmp:/tmp ^
codacy/codacy-analysis-cli analyze ^
–directory /code --format json --tool spotbugs --verbose

I am getting the following output:

There are is more to the answer sadly i cant post more than 1 image as a new user.

Some more images from the error

Hello @ThLentzas, and welcome to the Codacy Community! :wave:

It seems that you’re mostly trying to analyze Java .class bytecode files using SpotBugs, and indeed the tool supports analyzing these files as long as they were generated by JDK8 or newer versions.

However, Codacy doesn’t scan .class files by default so you need to add this extension to the Java programming language on your repository settings, like this:

Please let us know if this solved the issue for you.

Out of interest, what’s the use-case that you are using the CLI tool for? Are you using it on a developer workstation, as part of a CICD toolchain or something else…? Thanks!