Codacy configuration file

Configuring your repositories: Codacy supports configuring certain advanced features through a configuration file.

You can exclude files using glob patterns and add custom extensions to languages.

You can ignore files globally, for certain categories (duplication or metrics) or for a specific tool (e.g.: Rubocop). The category metrics refers to the information you find under File details such as Size, Structure and Complexity.

To add custom extensions to a language you can also add an entry in this file, but keep in mind that some tools might not work out of the box with those extensions and might need changes.

If you want to disable a tool, you must do it directly on the Code Patterns page.

For more on the configuration file, such as important notes, how to validate your configuration file, which tools can be configured, and which name should you use, please refer to our documentation page. If you need further help regarding Codacy configuration file, please feel free to reach out to us!