Talk: Why you don't trust your linter

Hey all!

I spoke at a conference about “why you don’t trust your linter”, which I think the staff and community here could be interested in. It’s about ways that users lose trust in their linters and how linter authors can improve that.


Welcome to the Codacy Community, @Jeroen_Engels!

Thanks for sharing such interesting content, and congrats on your live talk :smile:

I especially liked the configuration suggestions, and how tools can provide more information. Would be interested in knowing more about how you improve the code quality in your projects.

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Thank you @Heloisa :slight_smile:

In our projects we tend to improve the code quality by increasing the number of guarantees that we have in our codebase. The more guarantees we have that something is as advertised and expected, the more things we can rely on and iterate quickly.

We do that through extensive use of creating our own types and using the type checker to our advantage (we use Elm where this is extremely common), writing tests, and using custom linter rules. I actually made a talk on this topic this week at nordevcon (which is why I’m late in replying, sorry about that!). I’ll post it on the forum when the video gets released if you’re interested.

I’m sure we do more, but i guess it depends on what each considers code quality.