Community Live Talk: Maintaining Code Quality in Open Source with the founder of "JSON for modern C++"

Hey there, we are hosting a new live talk for the Codacy community! This time, let’s welcome a very special guest from the Open Source community: Niels Lohmann

Niels is an engineering lead and founder of “JSON for modern C++” on GitHub, an MIT-licensed C++ library to support JSON in C++, currently used by Apple, Microsoft, Google, Volkswagen, and Daimler.

  • How do we maintain code quality in a project that just keeps growing?
  • What’s the hardest thing about maintaining a group of collaborators in your open source projects?
  • What’s the secret to balancing a professional career and your open source work?
  • Lessons learned, technical challenges & more.

Join the live chat to see these questions answered, and ask your own questions!

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:spiral_calendar: August 17th, 4pm UTC / 11am CDT

:round_pushpin:Online - registration needed: Webinar Registration - Zoom

Comment with a question below and we will read it in the live session.

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