Best resources to learn static code analysis

My major isn’t CS, so I learn static code analysis on my own from scratch.

It was a tough experience for me because I had no mentor at that time. But currently, we can find several documents on the web to learn freely, thanks following Universities:

Of course, it is also nice to read OSS implementation at GitHub. In my case, it was FindBugs for Java but you may find your own at GitHub.

If you know more resources to be shared here, please post :+1:


Hi @KengoTODA, thank you for sharing these with the community :slight_smile:

Do you use Java as a primary language? We actually have a list where you can find the linters/checkers for each language we support, and each has a direct link to the actual tool documentation, which may also be helpful.

Here’s the list in our documentation where you can find information on several tools for static analysis, duplication, and complexity (and also test coverage): Supported languages and tools. Do you think this type of information and direct tool website also help?

Hi @jmb, do you usually refer to anything specific when teaching your students? @StasKlymenko not sure if you have any insights here too! Looking forward to seeing more resources as well. Thanks again for sharing this Kengo!

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Hi @amelia, thanks for your reply. The list shared by you should be useful for who wants to read working source code!

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