Working from home with our pets! 🐕

We have always been a pet-friendly company, and here we will share some moments of working from home with our pets around us :dog: :cat2: :slight_smile:

Last year we posted this photo from one of our colleagues’ puppy:

“I don’t know how this happened” - the perks of #workingfromhome! Prior to starting a virtual meeting, a suggestion is to check for any potential targets around the house :smile: At Codacy we love pets; they boost our sense of well-being and creativity, and it’s great to have them around!"

Feel free to share yours too, we always enjoy seeing photos of cute pets! :smiley:

Note: Several studies have hinted at the benefits of viewing pictures of cute animals, and these benefits might actually be more far-reaching than one would think.


As requested, I am here! @paulo.ribeiro

Happy to present Dente - short for Dente-de-leão (Portuguese for Dandelion), the only one allowed to be closer than 6 feet in these covid times :sweat_smile: She is my alarm clock and my personal trainer for making me leave the house. She loves to sit on my lap and stay in front of every screen, I believe she is just worried about my screen-time limit :woman_shrugging:

She grew up to have this tooth showing out of her mouth and I love it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I will be back because this dog loves to pose :camera_flash: