Why codacy is giving "Codacy/PR Quality Review" build failed

I had A GitHub Pull Request that contains some commits in that PR “pipeline build” got Successful , "Codacy/PR Coverage Quality "got Success and don’t Have any issue too but I am getting “Codacy/PR Quality Review” build Field.
*** Is codacy Analyzing the PR commit or the Whole Project?**

  • Practically it should Analyze the PR Commit Only.

Hello @Manju_Kumari, and welcome to the Codacy Community! :wave:

Could you provide some more details about this scenario so we can have a look? If you could share the pull request where you saw this behavior or perhaps a screenshot of what you’re seeing we’ll help you out.

Hello @paulo.ribeiro thanks for your reply, Here

I am attaching Screenshot. In my Scenario i had faced the don’t have any duplicity on my PR it was checking on whole propject.

Hello again @Manju_Kumari, please share the name of your organization and repository so we can check it on our side (you can send the information in a private message if you prefer).