WFM (remote)

Hi everyone! :coffee:

Since this global pandemic took place, we have been working remotely, it has been almost a year, and shortly after, we became a remote-first company. How is everyone coping with WFM? :man_technologist: :woman_technologist:

And I also want to ask -as we spend most of our day here-, what does your station look like?? :sunglasses::nerd_face: Does it look like any of these, or better? :computer::computer_mouse: :desktop_computer:

Vote on the one you think it’s the best (it might a bit tough to pick one :star_struck:)!








Best Workstation - cast your vote!
  • #1 (by EvanBarbour)
  • #2 (by EkkoJun)
  • #3 (by watchmono)
  • #4 (by Diamonddog4)
  • #5 (by mburn14)
  • #6 (by berzemus)
  • #7 (Danny Choo’s)
  • #8 (by Browsingredditnow)
  • #9 (by Jokosmash)
  • #10 (via imgur)
  • #11 (by flobernd)
  • #12 (SpyreStudios)
  • #13 (by Warat Wongmaneekit)
  • #14 (by thand, Home Archit. Design)
  • #15 (jmacdowall’s9)
  • #16 (watchmono)
  • #17 (Luke Whitson’s)
  • #18 (Erik Weir’s)

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Feel free to share yours or send us here on the thread other options you’ve seen that are cool - we can always improve and upgrade with new ideas :blush:

Also, you are more than welcome to start your own topic here! What type of interests do you have, and like doing in your free time? Play PS, Xbox, any board games, or Watch movies, series, Eat??

You’ll certainly be able to find people with shared interests here -please do kick start any discussion you’d like! :raised_hands:

I choose number 1 as I tend to prefer more minimalist setups and plants are always a good thing to have near you. :herb: :heart:

Here’s my current setup, in case you’re curious. :nerd_face:


I voted 3, more because really like to have multiple monitors to work (or maybe to watch some streams in the free time? :eyes:). As I moved to my own house I still don’t have the setup I really want so not going to post the picture right now haha, who knows in the future :eyes:?

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It’s a tough pick, there are many that look good. I really like the #3 as well though - the hats and posters make it look nice :sunglasses:
We look forward to seeing your setup whenever you’re more settled in your new place @lapa182 (very cool btw, if you’ll be working from home, for a while or indefinitely, then a bigger place or one on your own, it’s a good decision for sure)! :ok_hand: