We did a live talk on technical debt. This is how it went (recording included)

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More and more live talks are coming to the Codacy community!
Last week, guest speakers Tim Cochran and Carl Nygard, Technical Director and Technical Principal at Thoughtworks, joined our Codacy CEO Jaime Jorge in an intriguing talk about technical debt. During this talk, they discussed:

  • Common problems startups face when scaling up;
  • How to keep quality and software stability as a top concern;
  • What is the importance of standards as your company scales;
  • How you can use technical debt as a tool;
  • and much more!

In case you missed the talk live, don’t worry: you can (re)watch the recording here.

Short on time? Check out the highlights from the talk in our blog.

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“Multiple teams are now delivering multiple times per day with stability, a game-changer compared to our previous performance across teams. This talk shares the journey we have been taking, lessons learned and takeaways to apply in your context.” - Antoine Craske, Director of Architecture & Technology at La Redoute.