Top-5 websites with icons for developers

If you’re building a portfolio, landing page, SaaS or just a small pet-project, you will probably need some icons. We’re using them in many situations:

  • to make something more understandable;
  • to highlight or express some information like benefits or features;
  • for entertainment purposes.

So it’s necessary to know where you can find good icons for your next projects. I know that many experienced devs may already know about the websites below but it was a real treasure when I found them for the first time. So I hope they will help you too.

Here are my top-5 websites with icons and why I use them.


This is probably my favourite website with icons. I use it for the majority of projects if I need some graphical icons or small images.

Key features:

  • Large amount of icons.
  • Several categories: icons, stickers, interface icons.
  • Icon packs containing icons from one theme and style.

The cool thing is that for some icons there are several styles so you can choose any of them. Moreover there’s an option to edit icons. So you can easily transform some of them for your project.


Usually I go to the Icons8 website if I can’t find what I need on the previous one. This is the place with unique icons and sometimes it helps me to find images even for some specific queries.

Key features:

  • More than 600k icons.
  • Different icons styles.
  • Tools to edit icons.

Icons8 is the place where you can also find stock photos, illustrations, music and even generate different things with tools powered by AI.


This website is useful for developers who want to build a portfolio or a resume as it contains a lot of icons from this niche. You can find different technologies, frameworks, tools and services icons here.

There are not many features on the website but it’s totally doing its job.


This library has the biggest amount of high-quality animated icons. It has almost 350 free icons and more than 1600 in total. The library has its own editor that makes it a very powerful tool.

Usually you can find a lot of static icons and any kind of animation becomes a real challenge. With Lordicons you can skip the searching step as you already have a great list of awesome icons designed by professionals.

Simple Icons

Similarly to Devicons this website also has one vector of icons. But its niche is wider - different brands.You can look here for Spotify, BMW, Asus or anything else including programming logos.

You can easily use any icon including different CDN. Simple Icons already have more than 12k stars on GitHub.

Use these icons for your projects and I hope they will help you to make your products better!


Hey @StasKlymenko! Thank you for this amazing list of websites!

I personally use Flaticon the most, but for web development, I typically go to Font Awesome. It’s not as big as Flaticon or Icons8 (they currently have around 16k icons) but I love the style of the icons :heart_eyes:

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