The API responded with an error code 500

I’m receiving ‘The API responded with an error code 500. The result was not properly formed by the API’ when adding new repository to Codacy. Already checked Codacy permissions on GitHub. This only happens with one specifc repo, not with my others.

Thank you for reporting this! Could you let me know the repository you are trying to add so that I can take a look?

Hi @arthur-bryan, welcome to our community :slight_smile:

Thank you for letting us know about this. As Madalena mentioned, could you provide us with the repo so we can look into it so we can help to figure it out? Thank you!

It was a personal repo that i added to codacy successfully at the first try, but the following day, the repo was missing from the list and i was unable to add it again due to this error. I ‘solved’ it deactivating my account and enabling again, what made me to add all my repos again, but now it worked for the problematic repo too. Tank you!


Thanks for reply! I ‘solved’ deactivating my account and enabling it again, what made me lost all repos and add it all again, but now all is working fine.


I have tried to add new GitLab repository.

After I click Add it shows error message. I have tried to instigate a little:
the POST request returns 500 Internal Error. That’s all.

Lools like it the same issue as topicstarter had on March.

I have gone the same way: remove my account and create new one. I have added old repositories and new one and it works as expected.

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Hi @radio_rogal :wave: welcome to our community!

We’re glad to hear that you were able to solve it. This error normally is due to outdated information on our end, refreshing the cache or recreating the token usually solves this error. Recreating the account as you did, also creates a new token, but just so you know that you have those options before having to recreate your account. Thank you for sharing this issue here in our community, so other people are also able to solve it if they encounter the same error. If you have any other question, feel free to reach out :slight_smile: