Stuck for 4 days at 'Calculating quality metrics'

I’m a new user trying out Codacy for the first time. I added a Github repository 4 days ago but it’s still showing as ‘Calculating quality metrics’ in the dashboard. It’s a large repository but I’m still not sure it should take that long, especially since I just used the defaults and didn’t add any of my own configurations. If there were a status bar or percentage or something that sure would help me know if this is a product I should continue trying or if it’s maybe just garbage like others are lol. How do I find out if it’s just crashed or proceeding normally?

Hi @jamesonhacking

I just took a look at your repo and I noticed that you only have one commit on it and this is what caused the issue.

To give you some more context on this, when a repo is added to Codacy an analysis will be done on the two newest commits of your repo. On the second newest, Codacy will analyze all of your codebase and set the starting number of issues that you have, and the analysis on the most recent commit will work as a normal analysis, telling you how your code quality changed on that particular commit.
Unfortunately, when a repo only has one commit this process doesn’t end successfully, causing some strange behaviors like the one you reported.

Can you please create a new commit on your repo and confirm if your dashboard becomes visible?

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Thank you for your reply. I just now uploaded and committed a bogus test.txt. Will that be enough to trigger analysis on both the old and new commits? Or is everything in the first commit going to be ignored by Codacy? Do I just need to start over and do a minimal first commit, followed by a second commit that has the actual code? Sort of confused on that. (The dashboard currently says " We’re preparing…")

I just checked our logs and you should now be able to see the analysis results on your dashboard. Can you please confirm this?

It looks like uploading and committing the bogus test.txt was enough to trigger results for everything in the first commit. Problem solved. I now have dashboard results. Thank you for your help!

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