Since 10 Jan. no updates on GitHub


Since 10 January 2022 I don’t have any update from codacy when I pull from GitHub.

Today I have an error “We no longer have access to this repository.”, I try to uninstall & install Codacy Production in Git with no success.

In codacy status there is " Resolved - Error accessing public GitHub repositories]" on Jan 11.

There is a new method to integrate github to codacy?

Have a nice day

Hi there, can you share the organization and repository name so we can check? Also if you add a new public repo for that organization, does it work fine?

Thank for the reply,

I create a new public repo, it seems not working too

It’s weird I don’t changed anything in Codacy & Github

We may have some dangling problems that we may need to check case by case. Either way, for your repos, everything should be working as expected now. Can you please confirm?

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It’s working now, thank you very much!

I am having a similar problem on my repo Is it related? To my knowledge I haven’t changed any repository settings, I have tried deleting and recreating the integrations but it still isn’t working.

Yes, it seems related, thank you for reporting! Everything should be working now.