Pulse August Product Update: 2021 benchmark, time filters, dashboard sharing

Pulse’s August Product Update

Hi everyone,

Rafael, one of Codacy’s PMs here. Today I’m sharing an overview of the most relevant product changes we release to pulse.codacy.com during the past month.

2021 Accelerate benchmark

How do you compare to the 2021 State of DevOps? We’ve updated the Accelerate dashboard benchmarks to use the results from the 2021 State of DevOps report. You can now see how you compare to this year’s performance of thousands of other companies around the world.

New time filters

We’ve introduced new filters that allow to quickly select data from the last 14, 30, and 90 days. Besides those preselected time intervals, you also have the possibility to define your own date range. For the first time, you can use the filters to see more than the previous fixed limit of 90 days of data.

When using the dashboards, now you’ll also have the possibility to group data per day, week, month, and quarter.

Just like the existing repository filter, the new filters remember the selected values between visits to the app.

With the new filters, you’ll be able to adjust the dashboards to your iteration’s duration. By combining different filters and groupings, you’ll be able to see the progression of your team over the most meaningful time spans for you.

Deployment configuration & API docs

For more sophisticated deployment workflows, or to measure the Accelerate metrics with more precision, it’s now easier to define how to track deployment events.

A new option, in the GitHub integration settings, lets you decide whether to detect deployments from GitHub.

By choosing to not use GitHub to detect deployments, you can use the new API docs to send deployment events from the most accurate step of your workflow.

Share dashboards with teammates

Make sure every one on your team has visibility over your metrics. Share the Pulse dashboards with your team by using the new invitation link.

A convenient way to do this is to share and pin the link on your team’s chat. By doing this, the people you invite will have access to all dashboards immediately after signing up, without needing to perform any integration.

Find all the new features in your dashboard.