Prospector configuration

I have enabled prospector linter for python.
One of the tool built in prospector is mypy.

And I got in my project such warnings:
Cannot find implementation or library stub for module named "numpy" (error)

I have tried to add prospector.yml file PartSeg/prospector.yml at 7fd982231e7d3126f5b0cb892e1324517f52b4ae · 4DNucleome/PartSeg · GitHub but still could get this warning.

As mypy requires packages to be installed locally and I do not find a way to declare packages to be installed for analysis or to disable warnings about a lack of packages.

Did you have any advice?

Hi @Czaki Can you please tell me one PR / Commit where you are getting that error so I can take a look?

This PR:

But I do not report this on develop.

Did codacy uses config from main branch, not analyzed one?