Pep257 tool: D203 conflicts D211

1 blank line required before class docstring (found 0) (D203)


No blank lines allowed before class docstring (found 1) (D211)

cannot both be satisfied. I think D203 should be disabled.

Hi @tksuoran , thanks for reporting this!

We are aware of this issue and we already have an internal task to fix this. To give you some more context, for Prospector specifically, we can’t have the actual list of patterns displayed on the UI, instead, we are limited to the groups of patterns that you can see on the UI, and inside each group, all the patterns will run.

While this is not fixed on our end, you can either ignore those false positives or set up a configuration file. Would any of those work for you?

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If I can find time to try to setup the configuration file, I’ll do that. Otherwise, I have no problem waiting if you can somehow resolve this so that it just works by default.