New feature announcement: Apply patterns from an existing repository to another 🙌

New feature :rocket:

We’re thrilled to announce that you can now apply patterns from an existing repository to another :tada:

You can copy the patterns and tools settings from a repo to another, allowing for easier quality standardization. Check our docs for more information on how you can import code pattern configurations :raised_hands:

This will enable to save you loads of time (think about just ESlint - ESLint that has 1371 patterns!) - no more need to copy and paste all configs!


I presume this is a one-time thing correct? Like once imported those two configurations will live fully independently?

Also is there Export functionality planned/available? We wonder for a while about migrating to configuration files on the source control level but since this means replicating all settings we currently have which is not fun either :slight_smile:

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Correct, it is a one time thing, after you’ve done the copy the two configurations can evolve independently.
If you want to align them again after making changes, you have to repeat the process.


Thanks. What about the other way round - is exporting possible or planned?

Going the other way around isn’t that easy because we don’t generate configuration files internally, but usually launch the tools using their internal APIs, so it’s sometimes hard to generate a correct configuration file.
It is not planned at the moment.


Got it. Makes sense.

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Let me add to what @lolgab: While this is not currently on the roadmap, it’s something we often get as a request so it’s on our radar to eventually think about. (no timeframe, sorry!)

I’m cc’ing @david to add your feedback to our feedback repository. This will help prioritise features.
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Thank you @inesp and @lolgab :pray:

Ey there @merdacz :wave: we really appreciate your questions and feedback. As Inês pointed out, this is something that has been requested before, and we’ve added your feedback to our feedback repository!