Misra for C language

Hi forum…

The rules for checking misra violations are still in place for C language?


Hello @simogaspa84, and welcome to the Codacy Community! :wave:

We confirm that you can use the tool Cppcheck to validate the 2012 MISRA C code guidelines. Here’s the list of MISRA C rules that Cppcheck supports:

To make sure that you’re using the relevant code patterns to check for the MISRA C rules, enable the tool Cppcheck and toggle all code patterns that have the name cppcheck_misra-c2012-* (where * is the corresponding MISRA C rule).

You can check out our documentation for more information on how to enable tools and code patterns on your repositories. Or, if you want to apply the MISRA C rules across multiple repositories, we suggest that you look into using an organization coding standard.

Do let us know if you have more questions.