Logs do not provide details about warnings

Occasionally I get messages such as this (as is the case now here):

Which indicate that there is a warning about my branch. However the logs always show the following:

Which does not give any information about what the warning is or where it came from.

The message is therefore essentially useless. Is there some way to get information about it that I have not seen?


Thank you for raising this @EmilyBourne! @Ivo and @Madalena, do we know why this shows up and then doesn’t provide any information about why the warning appears?

Hi @EmilyBourne

I just took a look at your repo and it appears that the warning isn’t appearing right now. I also took a look at your analysis around the time you reported this and some of your commits didn’t analyze, which probably caused the warning to appear.

This being said, your analysis are now being completed without any issue, so you shouldn’t get that warning again.

If it appears again, please check the tab Commits inside the PR so we can confirm that the PR’s analysis are being processed correctly.



Hi @Ivo ,

You are correct, the commits (pushes?) were not analysing when I had this problem. This was the case for all the PRs in the project, but I don’t know what caused this.

It is not the first time I have seen this problem.

You seem to be correct, all the branches have at least one commit which was not processed.



The problem has appeared again!

The commits tab shows:

My last push contained the top 3 commits which have not correctly triggered the review

@EmilyBourne Can you please tell me the PR where this is happening?

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It was here but I ran the test manually so the warning is not there anymore

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@EmilyBourne Would it be possible to open a dummy PR on your repo so we can check if this behavior happens again? If it does happen, please leave the PR open so I can dig into it.


I have created this PR. When the problem reappears I will see if I can reproduce it here then you can have a proper look


@Ivo hello again! I have finally managed to reproduce the error on a branch that will not be merged. The PR is here and the related Codacy page is here. Good luck :slight_smile:

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Are you investigating now by any chance?
We are experiencing some very strange behaviour on this project.

All PRs are showing as unreviewed:

despite the fact that several of them have already been reviewed successfully.

And the pages associated with individual PRs are all empty:

We had an issue on our end that was causing some strange behavior on repos. The issue has been fixed and your analysis should now have returned to normal, can you please confirm this?

Regarding the original issues, I was checking the PR you sent, but I can’t find any warning on it. Are you still able to see it? If you are, can you please post a screenshot including the page’s URL?


Hi, yes everything is back to normal now.

I noticed this morning that the warning had disappeared. So no nothing on my end anymore. I should have checked yesterday morning too.

My suspicion is that this issue occurs when there are lots of reviews. My first guess was a limited number of automatically triggered PRs, but I couldn’t find that documented anywhere. Does it sound possible to you? With the automatic trigger being reinstated the next morning and therefore triggering the ones that were previously showing warnings?

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It has blocked again. Same links as before I will try and remember to check tomorrow morning if it is still blocked

It is no longer blocked. So this seems to be a bug that only occurs in the afternoon/evening and fixes itself by the next day

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@Ivo It’s blocked again. Same links as before I will keep an eye on it to try and see when it triggers itself

Thanks for the amazing example @EmilyBourne !

I have been able to grab some information and I have opened an internal bug so we can found what is causing this behavior on your repo and we will let you know as soon as we have any feedback on this

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It has now triggered itself shortly after I manually triggered a different PR this morning.

That’s great news if you have managed to get some information :slight_smile:

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Hi @EmilyBourne,

Stepping in after @Ivo brought this to our attention.

Like you mentioned, I believe this issue is related to concurrent analysis, I’ve noticed that your organisation is on an open-source plan, this means that it can have only 1 concurrent analysis per pull request/commit, so pull requests that are open while one is still analysing will be queued and their analysis only start after the previous one is completed.

However, if you manage to find this issue happening again with only one pull request queued for analysis please do mention it so we can take another look.

Hope this helps,

Best regards,



Hi @jllopes

I will keep an eye on it to see if it only happens when there is another review analysing at the same time. However I still suspect that there is something further going on as normally the process is as you describe:

pull requests that are open while one is still analysing will be queued and their analysis only start after the previous one is completed

However in the case described here, the queue seems to be broken so the analysis doesn’t start after the previous analysis has finished. And in fact there are no more automatically triggered analyses for the rest of the day