Live talk + Q&A: "When Technical Debt gets in the way of Growth"

Hi there Codacy community,

For our next webinar, we will have an expert panel to discuss Technical Debt more in depth. Join Codacy CEO Jaime Jorge in an exclusive live talk with Tim Cochran, Technical Director at Thoughtworks, and Carl Nygard, Technical Principal at Thoughtworks.

It’s only a few days away! Save your spot here: Webinar Registration - Zoom

Don’t miss this opportunity to join the live Q&A with our guest speakers. What would you like to ask them? Leave your questions in the comments. Here are some of our own questions:

  • How does your advice regarding technical debt and code quality adapt to startups that have a very tight timeline to launch products?
  • What are signs that software quality is deteriorating that scaling companies should be looking for?
  • How do you typically explain to other departments of the business the need to maintain stability of your product?