[Live Session on the Codacy Analysis CLI] "Local Analysis: are you getting the value you deserve from it"

We hosted a live session around the Codacy CLI; what you can achieve with a single command, and how to make the most out of it :rocket:

In this webinar, we provide an overview of static code analysis and detail how you can set up the CLI to run Codacy code analysis on your build server. You’ll also get a better sense of the benefits and what you can achieve with a single command with our experts, André Meira and Hélio Rocha showing the CLI tool performing analysis on the code before committing it.

In this 25-minute webinar, we covered:

  • Pre requisites, how to use, how to configure the CLI to execute Codacy code analysis locally
  • Taking advantage of the CLI to use it in your build pipelines / workflow
  • Live example and Q&A session

Please reply on this thread to ask anything you’d like to our experts, @andre.meira and @HelioCodacy.

It was great seeing you there! :blush:


The page is live! Join us for the live session next week :raised_hands:

Here’s the link to register :point_right: “Local Analysis: are you getting the value you deserve from it?”

Please ask away your questions, and you’ll get the chance to win an Amazon gift card! Looking forward to seeing you there! :blush:

Looking forward to this webinar :smiley:

I’ve made some comments on this topic before here, so I won’t repeat my questions here, but i’m sure they will be easily answered on the webinar.
Also, Amazon gift cards are always welcome! ahah


In case you missed it, we recorded the webinar so you could access it later! The questions asked during Q&A are below on this thread.

Here’s the recording :point_down: hope you enjoy it, and please give us feedback! :slight_smile:

Q&A section (questions asked):

  • You could put the token as a parameter for the CLI, no?
  • Can you mix local scanning with remote scanning?
  • Can you mix local scanning with remote scanning?
  • So it will combine? the local and remote scans will be mixed?
  • Which Linux you are using?
  • Does the CLI push scan results to the server for every run?
  • Developers might want to get to a certain level of code quality locally first. Can this happen?
  • Is there a way to inherit the maximum allowed issues from Codacy directly?
  • The build step that was shown earlier when it ran the jar file, is that file available as an example in the repo?
  • Is it planned to provide integrations for IDEs, eg. Intellij?
  • Is there a plan to have CLI for Windows systems?
  • My problem is that the pipeline takes 30 min to run. So I would like to see if I have Codacy issues locally. When I run the CLI locally I get the results on text on the console. That is impossible to make sense of because there are hundreds of issues but I only want issues I added on my current branch. Is there any other way to view results locally?
  • Are there any rate limits on running the CLI?
  • Just to confirm, are we saying the CLI can target a particular commit?
  • Must the CLI run one tool at a time? Can it run all the tool setup on the “cloud”?
  • Is there any way of making Codacy wait for the coverage upload before publishing the results in PRs?
  • Because Codacy is faster than our build, Codacy might go green first and then swap to red after the upload is done but not over the CLI, right?
  • How to limit API requests?