Is there any plan to support C++ code coverage

Would like see coday support CMake C++ project to generate coverage report

Hey @BlurringShadow

Can you tell me the format of the generated coverage report? Is it lcov, OpenCppCoverage, or other?

You can find the list of already supported coverage report formats on our documentation.

I might go with Clang coverage report, since I use Clang to compile my code on Ubuntu.

Cool! In that case, you should be able to configure llvm-cov to export the coverage report to the lcov format, which is supported by the codacy-coverage-reporter.

Then, you should be able to upload the resulting coverage report file using a command like this:

bash <(curl -Ls report \
  -l CPP --force-language -r <coverage report file name>
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Thanks, I’ll try that in my Github CI.

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