Introducing ESLint version 8 on our platform

Hi everyone!

I’m Tércio, product manager at Codacy, and I have some interesting news!

I’m very happy to share with you that we are introducing version 8 of ESLint on our platform.
We are not just replacing the supported version 7 with 8, we are keeping both tool versions to be used in your repositories as needed.

Why are we making this change?
Using our platform is all about checking your code quality and keeping track of your technical debt using the most up to date code patterns. That is why, with ESLint 8, we are providing you with the latest features of this tool, analyzing your JavaScript code to quickly find and fix problems.

How may this change impact you?
If you’re using ESLint 7 on a repository already added to Codacy this change has no immediate impact.
On the other hand, if you add a new repository to Codacy, from now on, the default version of the ESLint tool will be version 8. If you wish to continue using ESLint 7 by default on new repositories, you can configure a coding standard that uses ESLint 7 and set it as the default for your organization.

Important note:
We will be supporting and maintaining ESLInt 8, however not the version 7.
Also, we plan to remove version 7 from the platform from the 4th of April 2023.

Are you using version 7 and want to migrate to ESLint 8?
If you wish to use the new ESLint version 8 in your repositories, migrating from version 7, you need to take some actions as ESLint 8 introduced breaking changes. This depends on what you’re using to configure the ESLint rules. Each repository will fall into 1 of following scenarios:

  • If you are using a ESLint configuration file to define your patterns then follow this link to make the necessary changes to your file
  • If your are using Codacy’s’ UI to configure your patterns then you need to enable the new tool on your Code Patterns page, for each repository, and enable/disable the rules to match your configuration

Do you have any questions for us? Feel free to reply.