Intro time :) tell us about yourself

Hello :wave:
I’m Romain, from France, and I’m a freelance developper, working mostly with Rails but also React/Next.js. I’m currently lead developper for a FinTech firm, full remote.
I started using Codacy about one year ago to make a first filter before making code review.


Hello :wave:t2:
I’m TBog, from România.
I’m a game developer working in C++ and in my own time I am an Android developer working mostly on Tinybit launcher
I started using Codacy to clean up the Android Launcher code and make sure that any PRs will have clear code.


I am Shailesh from India. I am working as DevOps engineer. We are actively using Codacy for Static Code Analysis.
Looking forward for Codacy community for knowledge sharing. :raised_hands:


Welcome to our community
@ StasKlymenko , @ abubakar789233 , @ romain , @TBog, and @shailesh-vaidya. :wave:,
I’m Lorenzo Gabriele, a computer engineer from Italy :it:
I am a huge fan of the Scala programming language and it’s the reason why I sent my Resume to Codacy in the first place :smiley:, because I knew that Codacy was using Scala in its stack :slight_smile:
In my free time I like to contribute to the Scala Native ecosystem (Scala without the JVM), play guitar (I’m very passionate about Led Zeppelin music) and record music. In fact my office (where I work remotely for Codacy) is also a small recording studio :smiley:.

Looking forward to seeing you here often :slight_smile:


He literally rocks! :metal: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :heart:


Ey folks! :wave:

My name’s David and I do everything to help work to easily flow through the different people and teams at Codacy. I’m usually helping everyone focus on understanding our users’ problems, defining what we can do (and not do), getting early feedback, delivering it and iterating on them! And to foster continuous improvements at every step of our journey :slight_smile:
I also focus on helping our amazing engineers become even more awesome, through mentoring, coaching, and helping them explore their intrinsic motivators and learning/growth paths.

Happy to be here, and happy to see you all using this Community as a place to share knowledge and help each other out!

See you around :pray:


Hello :wave:,

My name is Rodrigo and I am a developer from :portugal: working at Codacy (you might already have talked with me, since I have been around for a while).

I am an Open Source Enthusiast, creator of

I used to work mostly with Scala but now I am exploring new pastures in the Go land.
Sometimes you can also find me writing some Typescript to bring some UI to life.

Welcome all to the community and I hope to see you around :robot:


Hi Everyone,

I am a professor at the University of Toulouse trying to make my student aware of quality metrics’ importance. Hence, I use Codacy to demonstrate the benefits. I have even improved my teaching materials (not just code) thanks to Codacy, and I am happy to “give back” as I can to the very nice and reactive team at Codacy. So if my (minimal) experience can help…


Hello :wave:! I’m Paulo Martins and I am the lead DevOps here @ Codacy.

I was the first DevOps here and I had the opportunity to drive and see a lot of change in the way we handle our infrastructure :construction_worker_man:, our monitoring :face_with_monocle: and even our development workflow :robot:.

Now because of Covid, out of office, you can find me 2 meters away from where I am now, just binge-watching a lot of Netflix/Amazon Prime/HBO/etc… (there are sooo many!!! :scream: ).
I also like to workout. Most recently, I was swimming :swimming_man: and doing strength workouts :muscle:. Since the beginning of last year, I settled with home Yoga, elastic band workouts and seeing all my Gainz going away :cry:.

I’m excited to see our community open and so many people joining :people_holding_hands: :two_women_holding_hands: :family_man_man_girl_boy: :family_man_man_boy_boy: :couple: :two_men_holding_hands:.

Welcome and see you around :wave:.


Hi all,

I’m Mark – Account Executive at Codacy. You may have met me on one of my demos or webinars.

My business background doesn’t give that away, but the world of tech always felt like home to me. Case in point: My flagship product is a text adventure I built on my TI-83 Plus back in high school – quite BASIC, I know. Other languages include German, Russian, and recently – Portuguese. :nerd_face:

Outside of Codacy, I love making music in my home studio (did you know you can code music too?), spending time with my new puppy – Boogie (parenting tips are more than welcome!), and getting lost in random internet rabbit holes.

Welcome to the community and I’ll definitely see you around! :smiley:


Hi I’m Stephan.

I recently abandoned Slack Codacy for the use of Discourse.

I am a postdoctoral researcher in Computational Neuroscience. Looking forward to this community.

Is there actually an Android App like Slack for the mobile phone?

Thank you @amelia for suggesting the forum. :slight_smile:


Hello :muscle:,

Im Bruno - QA Engineer at Codacy since 2018 PR “pre covid”.
I was hired as the first QA of the company to help improve the overall quality of our delivery and product.

Pre Covid you could find me running, biking packing , mountain biking , motorcycling preparing for triathlons and other fun stuff like adventure traveling .

After Covid “potato couch” i remodelled my bathroom, play loads of games “first division in fifa” not proud, started to play with clay and making some pottery , i also tried all the ben and Jerry’s flavours that i could find, did the plant thing “house full of greens”

All around i like to move and build and fix stuff \

if you want to talk about Quality Assurance , im here to exchange some thoughts .

This is Gaia, yes from god of war, and she take me outside quite frequently :))


Hi all :wave:

My name is Gustavo. I’m a marketing manager here at Codacy and it’s really exciting to be part of this launch. :partying_face:

I’ve done a few things so far: launched my own startup (Homeit) in the industry of home automation, worked on several digital marketing agencies in Portugal and in the UK, and I’m currently teaching in a few marketing schools in Portugal (now remotely).

What am I doing that’s completely new to me? Launching this community :sweat_smile:
That’s why I’m super excited to learn from all of you and to ensure this works and serves you all.

More stuff? I’m vegetarian :avocado: I like to meditate :person_in_lotus_position: and just bought Google Stadia to give it a try :video_game: is it good?


Hello everyone,

My name is Zoran Jankov, and I work as a Network and Computer Systems Administrator. I maybe a Sys Admin but I really want to be a software developer. I like administration but I feel that development fulfils me more. Who knows, maybe one day I may get a programmer’s job.

In my job I do write code but in PowerShell script language. But I also privately code in Java. I really don’t know to approximate my level of knowledge in Java, but I think I am little more than a beginner. You can see some of my work in GitHub.

I use Codacy to improve the quality of my code and I think Codacy is the best static code analyzer out there.


Hello to everybody,
my name is Mattia and I’m based in Italy. I’m something like a full stack developer working with Python (mostly for web development but not only…), Typescript on Angular and Docker (a lot’s of Docker… I started at using Docker more than 6 years ago, before it started to be so widespread!)

I take the opportunity to say thank you to the Codacy staff for the great work they did with this service and I’m sure that the community initiative will be very helpful!


Hello everyone! :v: I’m Inês Gomes and I am a Frontend Developer @ Codacy.

I started as a Designer but I always had a thing for web development. For sometime I was the only frontend here, it was challenge times but I learned a lot! Now I can proudly say I am very comfortable working with libraries like React :muscle:
In my spare time, I will probably be doing a marathon of some TV series or playing with my dog - Dente.

See you around :wave:


You have to share a picture of Dente, perhaps on this other topic:




I’m Kengo TODA, a Japanese living in China. I’m a FOSS hacker and work on several projects like SpotBugs. Nice to meet you! I’m excited to join such an attractive community for those who love code analysis and chemical reaction among various talents.

I’m new for Codacy, just found it on Twitter and still learning about it. I believe that automated code analysis is quite important to encourage communication in the team. Hope that Codacy brings one more powerful tool into my toolbox :slight_smile:


Hi, I am Kazu living in Myanmar under the terrible situation.

Actually I am a just amateur as programmer but somehow I could work and survive here by receiving some works from Japan.
My main language is python but now I am just learning more languages for maximizing myself to be a better programmer such as you here.

I expect Codacy grows up me more and finally I also would like to contribute to this community a lot.



Hi @Kazu our warmest welcome to the community! :blush:

We are all sorry to hear about what’s happening in your home country, we see the news and it’s really sad, we hope that you can live in peace, that things there get better very soon, as soon as possible.

That’s wonderful, we do have some Python experts in our community like @mdantonio, @EmilyBourne and @mauvilsa, who actually joined yesterday (Welcome Mauricio :wave: , just saw your question over the weekend, we will be answering as soon as we can)!

What languages are you most interested in? We do have experts in different languages, and hope we keep learning with each other. Thank you for the feedback, and that’s wonderful to hear, we hope to see you here often sharing insights with us :slight_smile: