Intro time :) tell us about yourself

Hi everyone.

I’m Jaime Jorge, CEO and Co-founder of Codacy. Can’t tell you how excited I am about this community.

About me
I have a MSc in Software Engineering. I did my master thesis back in Uni on static code analysis and code duplication. My friend, João Caxaria who is our Co-founder and CTO, convinced both of ourselves to start a company and to develop software to help other developers. 8/9 years later, here we are surrounded with fantastic people who share our values and are looking to help the software development world be better. Working with our team and serving our 500+ customers is what I’m most proud of. In my spare time I like surfing, reading and doing some modest writing.

Welcome @EmilyBourne, @webbravo and @kezhenxu94. Great to have you here. Hope you enjoy being part of this community. I certainly do :slight_smile:
:wave: from Lisbon