Intro time :) tell us about yourself

It’s time to talk a bit about yourself – what you do currently, where you’re on your journey as a developer, any exciting projects you have worked on or are planning to work on, what programming languages do you use. You can also include your social handles to connect with other course participants :sunglasses:
Do you have any favorite quotes? Or, if you could pick up a new skill in an instant what would it be?

You can tell more about yourself by posting a quick intro here on this thread.

Hi :wave: I’m Amelia, your community manager and I’m happy to be taking you on this journey with us at Codacy. I’m currently a DevRel & Community Manager at Codacy, based in Lisbon, Portugal (even though we’re all working remotely), and I have completed a few Front-End Development courses since I have started at Codacy, mostly JavaScript :woman_technologist:
Prior to starting at Codacy, I worked mostly at Unbabel (an AI+Human translation company) and DIRECTV/AT&T in San Francisco and in New York City. My biggest passion is football (soccer in The States) :soccer: I played football myself in the U.S., England, and Portugal professionally, and I’m international for the women’s Portuguese team. I like to watch football, occasionally code, and love trying new restaurants, food, and red wine. :blush:

I look forward to interacting with you here. Cheers!

We also have a different channel, in which you can share stories that have impacted you as a developer, something you learned, whether from a project issue you had to overcome, a success, failure, a code review horror story, or any other experience - everyone has an amazing story, and we’d love to hear yours!


Hi everyone, I’m Paulo Ribeiro and I work at Codacy as a Technical Writer. :wave:

I have a background in Computer Science and got to work briefly as an IT consultant, but I soon developed an enthusiasm for supporting the users of a product through useful and straightforward documentation. :nerd_face:

Over the years, I’ve found that software developers are demanding about having documentation that helps them perform their daily tasks, and also value quality documentation when they find it. :woman_technologist: :heart: :bookmark_tabs: I invite you to come on over to the documentation section of the Community and discuss all things related to the documentation there.

Out of the office, you can probably find me in a nearby mountain or forest :mountain: :evergreen_tree: riding a bike :mountain_biking_man:, trail running :running_man:, or perhaps just shooting photos. :camera: I find that being in close contact with Nature can be both relaxing and fun!

Finally, I must confess that I’m a bit of a tea snob :tea:, so never mind if you find me fretting about the water temperature and the seconds it takes to brew a delicious cup of tea. :slight_smile:


Hi there everyone! I’m Ivo and I’m a member of Codacy’s support team.

I started up as a developer many moons ago, but very soon into my career made the jump into support, as I really like the human connection and helping people.

I’m the official Codacy’s super-geek :innocent:, corrupting everyone around me, and spreading the love for all things geek, might it be books, series, or games. So if you want to speak about any of those things just ping me and I will happily join the conversation :smiley:

If any of you has any question, feel free to ask :upside_down_face:


Hi there! I’m Emily.

I am a doctoral student working on Fortran/C++ code to model plasmas in tokamaks.

In my spare time I help develop pyccel, a python to Fortran/C translator designed to help accelerate python code. The code is written in python, and we use Codacy for pylint and coverage-

When not coding, I enjoy cooking and eating food, learning languages, and hiking.

Nice to meet you all :slight_smile:


Hi @EmilyBourne! Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

We’re happy to have you join us, your feedback as a long term and active user of Codacy is very important to us. Feel free to explore and give us feedback on anything you feel like, e.g. what you’d like to see more, what would be helpful to have here, etc.

That’s very cool about pyccel, it will be good for our community to learn about it, especially Python developers who will be joining us at the community - congrats on your project.

That’s nice about the languages (and food of course :yum:), how many do you know? I also enjoy learning new languages (learning the 4th right now).

Nice to meet you and welcome! :blush:


I know 3 for now. English (I’m British) and French fluently, and German to a reasonable level. I dabble in others but I don’t need anything specifically to help me pick what I should concentrate on next :sweat_smile:
What languages do you know? Presumably English and Portugese plus 2 others?


It’s great you know 3 languages, I lived in the U.S. and in the U.K. (Durham Uni, and in London) and basically, all of my friends from there just knew English (and could also some words in Spanish :smile:), so props to you!
I know English, Portuguese, Spanish and I’m learning Swedish, I really like it. In terms of French is basic knowledge as it comes from Latin, but I have always wanted to learn Italian as well - might be one for the future (hoping to have a 3-week holiday in Italy, whenever it’s safe to travel again, looking to go to wineries and to having Italian food :yum: - I’ll try to know at least how to order it)!


Hello everyone Kenneth here, I am a community organizer for Gitlab Nigeria Community, I run my own tech startup webbravo, I have coding proficiency in languages such as PHP, JS, NodeJS and SQL, I have built some big projects over my 4 years journey as a software developer. I have a passion for startups, teaching and mentoring younger developer. From 2018 - 2020 I single-handed ran a coding Bootcamp that trained and taught 5 developers who are now working in big software companies in Nigeria.

I am excited to be part of this awesome and code-improving community, Thanks


Hello @EmilyBourne and @webbravo, and welcome to the Codacy Community! :wave:


Hi there, I’m Zhenxu Ke from China, I’m currently working at, where I mainly contribute to the Apache SkyWalking community, before which I worked at Alibaba DevOps, and I’m also interested at using / building useful tools to speed up the efficiency of development.

I like Codacy and want to use it more in the future, hope it becomes more and more popular


Hi everyone.

I’m Jaime Jorge, CEO and Co-founder of Codacy. Can’t tell you how excited I am about this community.

About me
I have a MSc in Software Engineering. I did my master thesis back in Uni on static code analysis and code duplication. My friend, João Caxaria who is our Co-founder and CTO, convinced both of ourselves to start a company and to develop software to help other developers. 8/9 years later, here we are surrounded with fantastic people who share our values and are looking to help the software development world be better. Working with our team and serving our 500+ customers is what I’m most proud of. In my spare time I like surfing, reading and doing some modest writing.

Welcome @EmilyBourne, @webbravo and @kezhenxu94. Great to have you here. Hope you enjoy being part of this community. I certainly do :slight_smile:
:wave: from Lisbon


Hey everyone! I’m Igo! I’m a Front-End Developer (sortish F/S dev) current based in the UK, and a regular Codacy user - have to say it helped a lot our team to standardise our code patterns and also spot some duplicated codes around our legacy madness repository!

In my spare time, I’m normally with my family, walking the doggies and playing League of Legends.

If I can help with anything just let me know - especially if around League of Legends (:eyes:, but not to climb the ladder, I’m bad as hell)!


Heya :upside_down_face:

My name is Stas, I’m from Ukraine :ukraine:

Currently I’m full-time developer in one of the local companies. Switched to this role from a Recruiter position. Also was a freelance copywriter for ~9 years.

Aside of regular learning I’m trying to help dev community with coding and hiring tips as I have experience from both of these sides. Currently building different side-projects, writing a book for developers to make it easier to get a job an also preparing to share much more useful content related to coding.

Aside of coding I like space topic, especially rocket launches part, video games, workout, playing a bit on piano. I also love reading and really hope to read all my home library one day.

Glad to be here in this commnity. Will try to bring some valuable content and help as much as I can :raised_hands:


Hello, all. Glad to join here. A place for tough workers. I am Abubakar from Indonesia. Want to add new experiences in this scope. Please guide all the tough workers in this group. I work as a ground transportation driver at my place. Since the social restrictions caused by this pandemic, it has made me move only in the area where I live in Indonesia. With this group, one way to communicate with the wider world so that I can add to my references about work situations out there. Take care and stay safe. Good luck to all of you


Hello :wave:
I’m Romain, from France, and I’m a freelance developper, working mostly with Rails but also React/Next.js. I’m currently lead developper for a FinTech firm, full remote.
I started using Codacy about one year ago to make a first filter before making code review.


Hello :wave:t2:
I’m TBog, from România.
I’m a game developer working in C++ and in my own time I am an Android developer working mostly on Tinybit launcher
I started using Codacy to clean up the Android Launcher code and make sure that any PRs will have clear code.


I am Shailesh from India. I am working as DevOps engineer. We are actively using Codacy for Static Code Analysis.
Looking forward for Codacy community for knowledge sharing. :raised_hands:


Welcome to our community
@ StasKlymenko , @ abubakar789233 , @ romain , @TBog, and @shailesh-vaidya. :wave:,
I’m Lorenzo Gabriele, a computer engineer from Italy :it:
I am a huge fan of the Scala programming language and it’s the reason why I sent my Resume to Codacy in the first place :smiley:, because I knew that Codacy was using Scala in its stack :slight_smile:
In my free time I like to contribute to the Scala Native ecosystem (Scala without the JVM), play guitar (I’m very passionate about Led Zeppelin music) and record music. In fact my office (where I work remotely for Codacy) is also a small recording studio :smiley:.

Looking forward to seeing you here often :slight_smile:


He literally rocks! :metal: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :heart:


Ey folks! :wave:

My name’s David and I do everything to help work to easily flow through the different people and teams at Codacy. I’m usually helping everyone focus on understanding our users’ problems, defining what we can do (and not do), getting early feedback, delivering it and iterating on them! And to foster continuous improvements at every step of our journey :slight_smile:
I also focus on helping our amazing engineers become even more awesome, through mentoring, coaching, and helping them explore their intrinsic motivators and learning/growth paths.

Happy to be here, and happy to see you all using this Community as a place to share knowledge and help each other out!

See you around :pray: