Inconsistency in Coverage Reports

Hello :wave:

I start sending my coverage reports into Codacy via Codacy Coverage Reporter. Everything is working fine but I have some doubts.

I also use Codecov for code coverage. Initially, Codacy was showing aprox. 10% more coverage comparing to Codecov and nowadays Codacy shows 10% less. So they never really met eachother.

Not sure if this is a bug or the 2 tools are using different way of calculating coverage, but the reports are definitely identical.

I wonder if I do something wrong or it is just by design.

Hi @mustafaozhan

Codacy doesn’t use the total value that is uploaded on your report, instead, we use each file’s information and then calculate the overall coverage based on that information.

There are some scenarios where the value displayed on your dashboard can differ from the uploaded one, normally due to some files being ignored on Codacy or the same report uploading information for more than one language.

Is the value being displayed on your dashboard different from the value you are uploading?

Hello @Ivo I actually didn’t calculate the report by myself, but I just compared with the tool called Codecov. So I just wanted to report maybe there is something to improve on Codacy side, since the differences between tools are much even though both tools are receiving the same reports.

If you want to have a look at the reports, here is how I upload: CCC/main.yml at develop · Oztechan/CCC · GitHub

In the same repository’s Readme.MD file, you can see also the badges for Codacy(currently %54) and Codecov(currently %64).