Improve your logic and write better software

We all know that writing code has a lot to do with logic and finding effective ways to solve problems. However, logical reasoning is easier for some than for others. But the good news is that logic is something that we can always practice and improve – independently on our starting point.

Here are some tips to help improve your logic:

  • Use pen and paper – If you ever get stuck, working out a solution using the old pen and paper can do wonders. Start brainstorming, draw or write about the big picture, and then the steps you need to take to achieve your final solution.
  • Review code written by other developers – Seeing how other people solve problems can help you think differently about your solutions.
  • Learn new things – Learning will help broaden your vision. New technologies and techniques will inspire you and give you ideas to solve your problems more efficiently.

In a previous post, I also shared eight great websites to help you become a better programmer by solving programming challenges. By practicing with these websites, you’ll be able to improve your logic and skyrocket your coding stills. Give them a try!

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