I don't see new organization even I was added and accepted Codacy invite

My customer added me to his Codacy organization. I received and accepted Codacy invite.
But even after that, I don’t see his organization, just my personal one.
If relevant, both of us use GitHub credentials for Codacy, and invite sent to me GitHub email.

Any suggestions?
Thank you,

Do I have to be part of GitHub organization? I’m only a collaborator now.

Hello @vitalyk, and welcome to the Codacy Community! :wave:

Yes, as you can check here, only GitHub organization members will be able to see and join the corresponding organizations on Codacy. Your commits are already being analyzed, but you won’t have access to the repository dashboards and the information available on Codacy unless you are a member of the GitHub organization.

I hope this helps, but let us know if you need more information.

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@paulo.ribeiro, thank you for the clarification.
Got it, but I have to say, that allowing external collaborators to access relevant repositories analyzes on Codacy seems more intuitive.


@paulo.ribeiro - my customer added my GitHub user to his GitHub organizaiton as a member, but I still don’t see this organization into my Codacy list.
Any ideas?

Now that you already are a GitHub organization member you should be able to join the organization on Codacy. :+1:

Here are a couple more steps to help troubleshoot this:

  • Have you already tried refreshing the list of available organizations on the organizations list page?


  • If doing this still doesn’t display the new organization for you, is there any chance you could ask to be invited to Codacy again now that you’re an organization member, just to be sure?

Please let us know if this helps!