Github Actions "codacy-analysis-cli-action" fails with exit code 10

workflow looks like:

# This is a basic workflow that is manually triggered

name: Static Code Analysis

# Controls when the action will run. Workflow runs when manually triggered using the UI
# or API.

    name: Codacy Analysis CLI
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - name: Checkout code
        uses: actions/checkout@main

      - name: Run Codacy Analysis CLI
        uses: codacy/codacy-analysis-cli-action@master
          run-staticcheck: true
          project-token: ${{ secrets.CODACY_PROJECT_TOKEN }}
          upload: true
          gh-code-scanning-compat: true
          max-allowed-issues: 2147483647

am I doing something wrong?

Hello @AvinoamSwissa, and welcome to the Codacy Community! :wave:

The exit code 10 means that there was an issue while uploading the results to Codacy (see It could mean that there was a network issue or that for some reason the Codacy API didn’t respond in a timely manner.

You can re-run the workflow to try again and make sure that it completes successfully. Let us know if this solves the issue for you.

Hi @paulo.ribeiro thanks for your help but I am getting always the same result