Getting Started

We’re thrilled you’ve joined us here in the Codacy Community :raised_hands:

We’d love to hear all about you and how this community might help and support you. The forum is the place to discuss Codacy, code quality, and Pulse; you can search content, track interesting conversations, share learnings, and start new topics & discussions that you think it may be valuable to the community. We look forward to getting to know you!

Here are a few quick tips to get you started:

  1. :rocket: Sign-up for a forum account

  2. :open_book: Read this Getting Started Guide. This is your go-to reference guide for all things forum-related, including how-to’s, policies, and links to helpful resources.

  3. :exclamation: Read the Code of Conduct. These are the rules of the road for participating in our community and will help you to understand what is expected behavior for all participants.

  4. :camera_flash: Upload a profile picture. Having a profile picture gives other members a sense of connection with you and increases the likelihood of you getting responses to your posts.

  5. :blush: Fill in your profile. Your biography can give other users a better sense of who you are. Add your geographic location, expertise and passions, and other information about you and your work. This will help others with similar interests to connect with you. You can edit your profile by clicking your avatar in the top right of the screen. Then, click your name and select Preferences from the dropdown menu. Here, you’ll be able to edit your username, add a profile picture and more information about yourself. Click here to learn more about editing your profile

  6. :wave: Introduce yourself. Tell your fellow community members more about yourself by posting a quick introduction in a new topic here in the Welcome and Intro Time category.

  7. :fire: Join a discussion or start a new one

  8. :mag_right: Browse topics in your areas of interest. Each category contains pinned topics that will help you get oriented, such as frequently asked questions and answers.

  9. You can also set up your notification settings in your Preferences menu. Click here to learn about setting up different preferences for email and site notifications, watching and tracking categories and tags, and blocking or muting other users>>>

  10. All comments posted on a topic are visible publicly. Check your notification settings to see which notification you wish to receive via email.

Additionally, there are some categories to help you meet and network with other community members, such as:

  • Welcome – introduce yourself and learn about other community members
  • Contributing to our documentation – if you have any tips for us to improve our documentation, please discuss here (discussion about open source projects using Codacy)
  • Code City – casual, off-topic discussion channel

Here are a few subjects you might want to read up about:

If you have feedback, questions, or would like to get more involved, contact us at

In case you like to go the extra mile, check these tips on how to be an amazing forum contributor:

:rocket: Welcome new members! If you notice it’s the first time someone is posting, make them feel welcome by saying “hi”!

:star: When someone answers your question, check the “solutions checkbox” so others who may need the info, can be clear when a thread has an answer.

:sparkles: If a post lacks helpful context, ask the poster initial troubleshooting questions like screenshots, error messages, etc.

:star2: See something out of place or off-topic? Flag the post to a moderator with a note! That way we can keep the forum nice and tidy.

-We will soon have The Codacy MVPs of the week program :tada: stay tuned to learn what you can win!