Emails not getting sent to new users

I have created 2 users under our group and neither one of them have received emails to login. Am I missing something or doing something wrong? I appreciate any help.

Hi there! Thank you for reaching out and welcome to our Community!

I couldn’t find a Codacy account associated to your email address. Could you let me know the email address you used to set up the account on Codacy so that I can look further into this?

Thank you for taking my issue. The email used to sign up was

I noticed that your organization is actually a personal account, not an organization on GitHub’s side.

Unfortunately, this means that the users you add can not access you organization on Codacy’s UI as they are outside collaborators or external users, which aren’t supported as members of organizations on Codacy.

Since you have added those users on Codacy’s side, their contributions to your private repositories will be analysed but they will not be able to access the organization on the Codacy UI nor will they receive an email to login.

Please do let me know if anything was unclear or you have any questions!

Interesting, so to solve this would it be simply running under a GitHub organization with the members accessing codacy apart of?

Yes, that is correct - under a GitHub organization, the members can join the organization on Codacy’s side.

You can find more details on this in our documentation here and here.

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