Commit shows coverage has been received but pull request associated with shows nothing received

We have an intermittent issue with my organisation’s Codacy test coverage across our repositories.
In some pull requests, the coverage displays, and with some test pull requests with test files being deleted the coverage reduces, but then we have issues where the pull request shows as no coverage received.

Looking into this further, the last commit under the pull request shows the test coverage as being received. Our CI tool uploads successfully and the commit ID that the upload uses matches the CI commit ID for the code as well as the commit ID for the last commit.

Is anybody else getting this issue?
Any help would be appreciated, as we have to turn off the Codacy Test Coverage check as a merge check which potentially allows changes through with reduced test coverage.

hi @joshuapullin !

In order for Codacy to calculate how your coverage is changing we need to receive both the coverage on the PR’s latest commit and on the origin commit of the branch. Can you please send me the Codacy’s link to the PR so I can check it up?

Hi @Ivo,

Thanks for the response.

The PR link is Login - Codacy.

Our CI builds on the pull request so uses the last commit for that pull request, which is the same as the last commit shown under the pull request in Codacy. The commit also has the coverage received.

I had some of our team mentioning the issue and I couldn’t get it while doing some tests. Then last night I got the same thing.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @Ivo

Having seen your response earlier and looking into this more today I have realised that the master build was updated automatically by our CI tool which the associated user was not a member in Codacy.

I have since added the user and the test coverage is now appearing on the pull request as expected.

We did have similar issues around the Christmas period where the CI tool didn’t do the update, but I am unsure on why this happened. I wasn’t around to investigate at the time and things have since changed.

I will monitor again over the next week or so and see if this occurs again.

Thanks again for the response.