Codacy coverage script error

Hi, today I stumbled upon a strange issue that never happened before. After downloading and running code coverage script (, I get following error:

sha512sum: unrecognized option: check

After going through script, I found this line sha512sum --check "$file_name.SHA512SUM". So, what do you think can be the issue ?

P.S. I’m using this Docker image for the script cfmanteiga/alpine-bash-curl-jq

Hey there, we did some changes to start to validate the checksum, sorry that it created breaking changes for you.

For now, you can force that check to not happen as described at codacy-coverage-reporter and keep the old behaviour:


In the meanwhile, I opened a PR, that should fix your use case at fix: Use -c flag over --check by machadoit · Pull Request #340 · codacy/codacy-coverage-reporter · GitHub after it is released.

Latest version now available at Release 13.3.0: Merge pull request #347 from codacy/fix/replace-pushd-with-cd · codacy/codacy-coverage-reporter · GitHub so you can rely on the to fetch the latest version that already tackles the issue that you were facing.

Hey Machadoit, thanks for help. We are using latest version of script

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