Changing github name has completely broken codacy account


I recently changed my github name and it has completely wrecked my codacy experience. I was incorrectly charged $100 (even though I paid for an annual subscription about 6 months ago). I am also getting emails that my premium is up in 7 days (it shouldn’t be). I emailed support and heard nothing back.

really hope codacy team sees this and fixes this issue, I can’t be the only person who gets tired of their middle school nick name and wants a little change :slight_smile:

I mean look at this, this platform doesn’t even understand that the name has changed at all. Clearly something they have not even considered. I see on here that Codacy thinks my github handle is still rgbrizzlehizzle yet my new github handle is unredundant.

Seems like a pretty big oversight for a company whose main authentication provider is Github.

Hi @rgbrizzlehizzle

I’m very sorry for the issues you have been facing.

If you changed your organization’s name, you should have an option to synchronize the name by going to the Organization’s settings → Profile.

Please let me know if you have access to that option and if the name is successfully updated. I have also pinged our billing team, so they can start checking this.

Like i said, this is not an organization, this is my personal github account that has been renamed. Though, from the way you guys refer to things, maybe those are one in the same. See the photo, it says “my orgs” bkbnio and rgbrizzlehizzle. bkbnio is an actual org that I own. however, rgbrizzlehizzle is my old personal github handle.

So that should not even really show up anymore IMO. However, maybe it is just some mechanism in your system that retains legacy names. That’s fine. I appreciate you reaching out the billing team :slight_smile: that is the much bigger deal here

Oh my goodness you guys have a completely broken set of tooling around support :grimacing:Though seemingly very nice people, which is appreciated.

I’m posting this here because I just don’t know what else to do. Please forward this to the people who need to know.

I received an email from your support/finance team on December 6th.

I then responded the same day (as the email says to please respond directly via email).


Thanks for reaching out :) It's not really two github accounts, 
I just changed my username.  It's actually something that i 
think you're software team will need to make sure they handle.  
I changed my github username from rgbrizzlehizzle to unredundant. 
 So what your system is viewing as two accounts is 
really just one account that changed its handle.


Clearly, something in your zendesk config is broken, as I received this email today

Hi Ryan,

Did you see our last email?

Could you please confirm if those accounts are both associated with your GitHub account?

If that's the case we'll need to fix the number of users in the account to allow the billing to be corrected.


Ok fine, I’ll go to zendesk and respond via the website. Except, when I click the zendesk ticket, it asks me to sign in, but doesn’t offer any way to sign in via Github (the way that I authenticate in Codacy). So i can’t sign in to respond. What am I supposed to do lmao. Please just give me my money back so I can be done dealing with this :sob:

EDIT: oh my goddddd I just got an error about “Sorry, new users can only put one embedded media item in a post.” so I had to delete some of the screenshots and post the plain text. Jeez what year is this. my god lol

Hi @rgbrizzlehizzle.

First, let me apologize for the delay in getting this fixed for you. We never received your email reply and that’s why Alex sent the follow-up today.

Checking your account right now, it is associated with one organization ( bkbnio, on our pro plan) and you should have the option to set a new personal organization (according to our logs it will be called unredundant)

From what I understood, bkbnio is the correct organization and it has the pro plan set on it. Can you please confirm if there is still some misalignment on the info shown on Codacy?

yes, that all sounds right :slight_smile: