Can't retrigger analyzer in pull request because of mergify bot

Hello there. I’m having an issue trying to analyze my pull request at github. I have an action setup to run some things during the PR such us unit tests, linters, the codacy analyzer and algo a mergify bot that will auto merge the PR in some specific cases. This is the one that I’m talking about Update sbt-scalafmt to 2.4.3 by gastonschabas · Pull Request #129 · gastonschabas/rumble-on-scala · GitHub.
I check the logs at rumble-on-scala - Codacy - PullRequests and everything is green. I tried to retrigger it following the official doc where it explains how to do it for commits and pull requests, but it has a cross instead of the two arrows. This is the message of the tooltip of the cross “mergify[bot] (37929162+mergify[bot] is not a member of your organization”.

Not sure what can I do. Thanks in advance

Hi Gastón,

Thank you for reaching out and welcome to the Codacy community!

For the commits and pull requests made by the bot email address to be analysed, that email must be added to your organization on Codacy. You can add the bot by going to the organization’s Settings → People → Add people . Here you can select the email address and add it to your organization. Once that step is done, the bot’s PRs will be analysed and you should no longer experience this issue.

There is another topic on the community where we go over why it is necessary for commit and pull request authors to be Codacy users - you can find that topic here.

Let me know if you have any other questions! :slight_smile:

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Hi Madalena,

Thanks for your quick answer. I could fix it adding the email of the bot as part of the organization following the mentioned steps. No more questions for the moment.