Can not see all issues in Project

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When I am in project main screen I can see that I have 10 issues in overall project. When I click to 10 It loads me a new page but I can not see my issues there. Instead i see empty screen with
Wow, your repository doesn't have issues!

I have also had this experience. These messages appeared in a sidebar which seems to show recent information. From memory these messages could be dismissed, but don’t disappear on their own when they are no longer valid

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Hi there @mustafaozhan and @EmilyBourne ,

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Could either of you let me know about an example project in which you experienced this so that I can take a look?


I am no longer experiencing this problem. Indeed I no longer see the sidebar I mentioned in any of my projects (if memory serves, it appeared on the dashboard to the right of the quality evolution graph). If it is useful at all I experienced this here

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Hello @Madalena :wave:

Thank you for your reply! I am experiencing it in this dashboard.

I have 10 Code Style when i click on 10 or See all issues, I have mentioned Wow, your repository doesn't have issues! message :slight_smile:

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Thank you! At the moment, we are unable to reproduce this issue - this could be related to the browser cache. Could you try clearing your browser cache or logging in to Codacy using a different browser or an incognito window and let me know if you still experience this behaviour?


Ohh thank you for pointing out @Madalena I have just check I can see on Safari, So It is cached in my local.