Best resources to learn programming

When I’ve started learning coding on a regular basis I didn’t know what info I should learn first and what sources providing better info. After 1.5 years of studying I can highlight several sources for all new developers.

:star: - is probably the most important soruce every new developer should check on the start of their journey.
Don’t panic - you will not need to lean all of this. It’s just an overall view of different technologies and an approximate path you will move from the basics to more complicated things.

:star: - this platform provides all the basic info about HTML, CSS, JS and now even about Python. You can learn with practical tasks and receive totally free cerificates.
:star: - very similar to FreeCodeCamp.

:star: - when you already learned the basics, you can move to real practice with challenges from Frontendmentor. Just to remember the syntax better and used to write code like-in-real-project.

If you’re more “visual learner” like me, I can recommend several YT channels to follow:
:star: - I think Brad Traversy made tutorials for almost everything you will need. He also invited popular guests with their courses. Great explanation and samples, tons of content.
:star: - One of my fav content creators. He is like the previous author has tons of videos, great and very detailed explanations. Highly recommend.
:star: - Florin passed all FreeCodeCamp exams live so if you’re passing FCC you can use his videos as some hint if you will stuck. There are also lot of challenges from Florin on his channel so you can watch how an experienced developer coding live.

Hope this will help new developers to form their journey better and use good-quality sources to learn progrmming.

Feel free to update this topic with other great sources!