ASIL Certification for embedded firmware

Hi… We did a firmware for the automotive market but not with the asil certification required.
We would like to start to do firmware/software that is ASIL B certified.
One of the point is to run a static code check tool analyzer .
I am guessing if you have experience of one customer with is using codacy (cppcheck + misra) for doing that?
The question is if we can force us to use a specific static tool or not.
Do you have any idea?

Thanks a lot

Hi simogaspa84! Mark from Codacy here.

We have helped lots of enterprises get their C/C++ code checked automatically with Codacy.

Besides cppcheck which supports Misra rules, you will also have access to analyzers like Flawfinder and Clang-Tidy, which offer hundreds of additional security checks following guidelines such as CWE.

I’d be happy to show you all of this in detail if you’re available for a screen share. I’ll DM you my availability so we can book some time to chat. :slight_smile: