About the Code Quality Best Practices category

Knowledge Sharing category. When we code, we set high standards and care about the quality of the code we produce. Code reviews are a crucial step of our development process.

Why code review?

Here are three reasons for those involved in the software development process to perform code review.

  1. Avoid bugs: the cost of a bug increases exponentially the later you catch it.

  2. Sharing: being subjected to a good code review is a master learning experience.

  3. Culture: foster a positive collaborative environment toward a common goal.

Automatic code review tools optimize this process

Automatic tools such as compilers, testing libraries, linters, and formatters have improved the effectiveness of code review in recent years. They do an effective job reducing heavy lifting and boring parts of the code review process.

This is where Codacy comes in, and this category is for Codacy users to share ideas about the configuration of Code patterns, discuss rules, share config files on the specific languages or projects they’re using, etc. and it is also the place for everyone to share best practices, tips, and any suggestions regarding code review. We’re always learning and this is the place to exchange knowledge and insights, we welcome your feedback! :slight_smile:

Q: How do you conduct code reviews?

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