5 AI tools that will change the way you code

With the recent rise of AI tools and applications, it’s natural to wonder if AI will replace developers. The good news is that most certain than not, AI will not replace your job. However, developers who use AI will.

So here are 5 AI tools to help you start using AI in your day-to-day life, which will change how you code.

  • Codacy Quality AI: A powerful tool that suggests code fixes right inside your Git provider, in combination with all the other features of Codacy Quality (code quality, code coverage, coding standards, and more).

  • CodeGPT: A tool that lives inside your IDE and can suggest code completions based on the context of your code. It can also explain code snippets, refactor the code for you, convert from one programming language to another, and more.

  • IBM Watson Studio: A cloud-based platform that will help you with data preparation, model development, and deployment around cloud environments.

  • Sketch2Code: A Microsoft tool that uses AI to convert hand-written drawing sketches into working HTML code.

  • UI Bakery: An AI-powered low-code platform that helps your build web and mobile apps via drag-and-drop.

Do you know other interesting AI tools? Share them with us :point_down:

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