15 side-project ideas

Sometimes it’s hard to find a good idea to practice in coding. I’ve checked tons of different lists and more than half of ideas are pretty hard, not actually interesting for me or just require much more knowledge than a junior dev can have.

So here is a list of good ideas that will help to practice all the basic skills. There are both obvious ideas and some non-usual but they all are working great for this goal.

  1. Currency converter.
  2. Random password generator (options to choose allowed characters, amount of characters and strength).
  3. ToDo list with prioritization, categories, connected DB, etc.
  4. Weather app for your local area.
  5. Calculator with additional functions.
  6. Random name generator.
  7. Random character or person generator as an upgraded version of previous project.
  8. Expense tracker.
  9. A landing page or a portfolio page.
  10. Chat app

You can also practice with games:

  1. Tic Tac Toe
  2. Snake game
  3. Tetris
  4. Quiz with different questions topics
  5. Memory game

Hope these ideas will help you to improve your skills. Feel free to add more projects indeas in the comments below.


Hi @StasKlymenko,

These are cool ideas! I myself have built some of the example apps that you mention while I was learning new programming languages (ToDo app, landing page, chat app, …).

In particular, I remember that my first “big” programming assignment in college was to program the logic of a robot that had to explore a maze. In a way, that exercise was similar to what the simpler robot vacuums of today do to ensure they cover all the areas in your house. :slight_smile:

I find that when there’s a real goal or purpose to my programming projects I’m much more likely to hit challenges and obstacles that force me to learn more things to overcome them.


It was so much fun reading this thread.

Definitely, finding a purpose for your side projects or expressing yourself through them is such a satisfying feeling.

I can share that I’ve been working on two projects lately:

  • A Sudoku solver (at the same time I’ve been learning new solving techniques)
  • An utility that automatically uploads new One Piece manga chapters as they are released to my tablet

Really excited to see what everyone else has built! :grinning:


Some of the ideas may look like very very usual but they are really good to start with. Telling from my own experience.

I was always interested how some robots or AI can find a way from a maze or even how it’s working in games when he need to focuse on hero and switch to other units when it’s needed. So I feel your project was really interesting.

Speaking about non-usual projects like in the list I’ve built a few scrapers to get data I needed, characters counting app (also for my own purposes) and currently working on a SaaS that will generate content (Title + Description) for 18+ industry.

There are lot of things in this world we can make simpler. Just need to fing a proper niche :sweat_smile:

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Simple games, in particular, are great for helping motivate learning something new (not only learning how to code :slight_smile: ).

In my project, after completing the initial “scaffolding”, I could start with a very simple algorithm such as “turn right every time you hit a wall” and then start making gradual changes to make the algorithm “smarter”, which would require building auxiliary functions, coming up with data structures to store the already explored map, use external libraries, and so on. Every time I got the robot to complete exploring a more complex maze I would feel a great sense of accomplishment! :nerd_face:


Tbh I was always interested in building a game with some kind of real AI. You may know about Game of Life - it looks cool but it’s not AI, just a math. What would be really cool if you will start such a game with several options:

  1. Start one “life” that will raise or fall depening on enviornment (create fire, water, ground, trees, etc blocks). Ofc much more complicated. But the thing is the life progress will be based on more enviornmental things, not just on a few math numbers.

  2. Firs idea with some upgrades:

  • Several life colonies at start
  • Water, food, heat and some other major dependencies
  • Cooperation or conflicts impact

Such games with AI could be much more interesting than a regular game of life with pre-scribed pattern.

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